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Where can I take Ayahuasca in Iquitos, Peru?

It is possible to locate retreat centers in Peru where shamans and healers prepare ayahuasca. This way, we can drink this beverage and participate in rituals to allow this ancestral medicine to do its work in our body. Therefore, in this article we will explain where to consume or take ayahuasca in Peru, as well as to whom those who venture for the first time.

Where can I consume Ayahuasca if this is my first time in Peru?

It is essential to take into account some recommendations when taking ayahuasca for the first time in Peru. Thus, we must look for a retreat center that has an experienced and knowledgeable shaman or healer. To do this, it is necessary to consult opinions from those who have already taken this drink. This is extremely important, since there are people who offer other brews that can be harmful and even deadly.

Where can I get Ayahuasca at a good price?

It is possible to find establishments to take ayahuasca with different prices. This will depend on the services provided and the care provided. For example, there are shamans who attend even for several days, while others do it in one night. This will vary according to the person’s requirements and the indications of the shaman. Even so, most of the retreat centers in Peru, especially in the Amazon jungle, are quite accessible, the essential thing is to make sure that the center and the shaman are safe and have knowledge.

In conclusion, where to take Ayahuasca in Peru?

Finally, there are a variety of places to go to consume ayahuasca in Peru. In the Amazon jungle, there are numerous shamans and healers who offer this drink at affordable prices. So, it is possible to consume ayahuasca in Iquitos, where there are many centers and establishments to take this traditional and medicinal drink.

Why choose us as your Ayahuasca center in Iquitos?

Because our clients speak for us. We have carried out countless Ayahuasca rituals and have the necessary experience to help you in this ceremony.

Can I participate in several Ayahuasca sessions at Kawsay Ayahuasca Retreat?

At Kawsay Ayahuasca Retreat we can help you know how many Ayahuasca sessions you can practice. In Ayahuasca spiritual retreats, it is even customary to drink Ayahuasca for up to three consecutive days. Unlike other psychoactive products, Ayahuasca does not cause dependence by itself, so don’t worry! When you return to your country you will not feel the need to consume it frequently and you can repeat the experience the next time you visit Iquitos in Peru.

Why should you perform the Ayahuasca ceremony in Iquitos?

Experience. If you are looking for the ideal place to enjoy this Ayahuasca experience, you must know that the Ayahuasca ceremony is an emblematic shamanic ritual that has been practiced for thousands of years in our Amazon jungle of Iquitos, Peru.

Rite of Ayahuasca in Peru The rite of ayahuasca in Peru is intimately linked to the indigenous tribes that reside in the Amazon region. It is an ancestral

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